Dealing with Back Pain or Pressure

Why am I experiencing back pain?
By nature, back pain and pregnancy go hand in hand. As you gain weight and your uterus expands, your center of gravity shifts. This shift stretches out and weakens your abdominal muscles, which changes your posture and puts added strain on your back. Also, as your hormones are significantly changing, your joints and ligaments loosen and can make you feel less stable.

How Can I Ease the Pain?
Simple solutions such as yoga, low-impact stretching, or using hot and cold compresses can help relieve pain or pressure. Yoga and stretching strengthens the muscles and increases flexibility, which relieves your spine of the added stress of a pregnant belly. Using hot and cold compresses relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow to the painful area.

Some women who experience back pain find that the added support that a maternity support provides is the ultimate pain reliever. According to a study conducted at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, each woman in the study who used the maternity support reported feeling better after wearing it for the first time. And after being rechecked two weeks later, each woman reported feeling even better from wearing it.

These support you in a natural way by lifting your abdomen and transferring weight evenly and comfortably to your spine, the area on your body that is designed to handle extra weight.

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Back Pain by Trimester

First Trimester
Usually in your first trimester you may experience morning sickness more than back pain but if you are experiencing back pain or a feeling of discomfort or pressure, don’t worry! It’s completely normal. During your first trimester your hormones are going crazy which can cause discomfort and stress on your back.

Second Trimester
By now you are probably starting to look pregnant and you may have even started shopping for maternity clothes. Your morning sickness and extreme fatigue may have dwindled by now but don’t get too comfortable quite yet. The physical discomfort may be right around the corner. As your belly grows, more strain is placed on your back and you may notice your posture changing.

Third Trimester
You’re almost there! The third trimester can be the most physically and emotionally challenging. As your baby continues to gain weight, your hormones relax the joints between the bones in your pelvic area, which can be stressful on your back. Try to stay positive! Soon you’ll be holding your little bundle of joy in your arms.

Exercises to Reduce Back Pain
In addition to wearing a maternity support, the exercises below can help
reduce back pain or pressure.

Back Press
Backward Stretch
Diagonal Curl
Forward Bend
Leg Lift Crawl
Pelvic Rocking
Pelvic Tilt
Tailor Press
Tailor Sitting
Tailor Stretching
Trunk Twist
Upper Body Bends